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My passion in life is entrepreneurship. For over 28 years I have been an entrepreneur and have served entrepreneurs in various capacities. Whether it is starting tech companies, raising venture capital, coaching business owners one on one or in a group setting, consulting, or collaborating and implementing entrepreneurial development strategies with business and community leaders to help them develop and grow an entrepreneurship ecosystem is what drives me each and every day. I’m a people person, connector, small business champion, and have been fortunate to develop key business development relationships throughout the state of West Virginia and all over the United States as it pertains to starting and growing companies, raising money, promoting entrepreneurship, implementing entrepreneurial development systems, and supporting entrepreneurship ecosystems. I love meeting new people and if you share the same interests as I do and are interested in exploring the possibilities of working together please contact me today.

Manufacturing Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs Are Made, Not Born

Entrepreneurs are made, not born. While some would argue that there are people who simply have it “in their blood,” entrepreneurial drive is not limited to certain genetically pre-disposed people. Entrepreneurs exist in all walks of life, but they often go unnoticed and/or undervalued in a system where creativity and [...]

The 4 D’s That Derail A Startup

“Begin with the end in mind.” That is one of my favorite habits from the best-selling book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. In all my business endeavors, I try to identify the end goal and work back. Things become much clearer when I go through [...]

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Why GaryVee Is Spot On About Self-Awareness

My response to article published at titled: Gary Vaynerchuk: We’re Thinking About Entrepreneurship All Wrong I think what GaryVee points out is an interesting and important point regarding how everyone’s thinking about entrepreneurship is all wrong and singling out lack of self-awareness as a basis for his thought. I would revise his broad use [...]

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